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IE² was formed in 2009 at the bottom of the Great Recession. While this was certainly a challenging time to start a new construction business, we opened our doors as a result of our previous employer becoming insolvent and strong client demand to continue working with our individual team members. We stayed lean during the start-up years resulting in solid successes despite the economic climate which allowed us to build a solid financial foundation to expand from once the economy recovered. The shareholders have a unique ability to understand client needs and consistently delivery above expectations. This customer service combined with the financial lessons learned during the Great Recession has ensured our continued success and positioned the company for further growth in the future.

From day one, we have shared a deep sense of purpose and commitment to our clients and their unique visions. Once we discussed the idea of starting a new firm, we decided that central to our work would be to deliver true principal attention and hands-on dedication of a small firm to every client we work with. We are nothing without trust and integrity and those earnest values are at the core of every decision we make. Building a long-lasting relationship with our customers and subcontractors is fundamental to our success, and we strongly believe it is the only way to genuinely run a successful business with a meaningful purpose.

The values, heart and character that fueled our beginnings have defined our company’s culture and are the same values our team exemplifies today. These qualities have been the defining factors that have allowed us to innovate and evolve with the industry. Our client base has grown to encompass a diverse range of building sectors that includes Healthcare, Commercial Ground-up, Multi-Family, Corporate Interiors and the Austinpolitan division which consists of Restaurants, Breweries, High-End finishes, and Hospitality projects.

We’ve built a team of dedicated project managers, superintendents, estimators, and support personnel that share our partnership-based approach and commitment to quality delivery. This collaborative process enables us to provide cohesiveness throughout the project and consistently exceed our client’s vision and objectives. Our dedication to maintaining strong relationships; growing capable, reliable teams; ensuring proactive safety and quality programs; displaying unwavering integrity; and managing scale, volume and capability have helped forge our reputation and build our legacy.